ATelnet is a MUD and telnet client that runs inside the mIRC IRC-client. It opens a child-window inside mIRC, like the channel and query windows, and can therefore merge with mIRC's features and interface while still providing several tools of its own for use with MUDs. It is free software under the GNU General Public License.


Support for ANSI colors, customizable
Logging, with option to log automatically
i.e. When you type the alias, the defined commands are sent instead.
i.e. A certain text sent by the server can trigger the execution of commands.
String replacements
i.e. Strings from the server can be replaced by something else. This can be used to, for example, colorize some important text, fade prompts, replace character descriptions with their names (useful in Harshlands and FEM in particular).
Speedwalking, also in reverse
You can define (in a text file) a list of words that can be completed by the tab-key when you have typed a couple of the first letters.
Dynamic addition of tabwords
When enabled, you can add words to the tab-completion list by referring to them in a certain way, for example "look Name" adds "Name" (when written with a capital letter). These last for the one session only.
Searchable database of character descriptions
For MUDs (like Harshlands) that show only character descriptions and not their names, you can search the database for partial names and descriptions, to match them with each other. Can also be used for other similar information, notes, etc.

It should also be emphasized that this is primarily a MUD client, not a telnet program. It does not support the set of features required to access interactive shells properly via telnet. There are far better places to implement such things than some crappy IRC client with an idiotic scripting language. (Indeed, this is the only mIRC-script I've ever written, or will ever write. mIRC's strength lies entirely in its GUI, everything I've seen under the hood is just plain... Well, let's keep this civil, shall we.)


ATelnet is no longer developed or supported. With the release of mIRC 6.x, the author of mIRC destroyed script compatibility again, so ATelnet only works on the mIRC 5.9x series. Anyhow, nowadays there are many better IRC clients (like "irssi") available, so I recommend you use those instead of mIRC, which has sadly become (in my opinion) just a crappy piece of hideous bloatware, while most of its old flaws still remain (or have become worse). For a better MUD client than ATelnet, try "tinyfugue".

Personally, I have stopped using Windows entirely, since I believe there is more and better software available for my needs on *nix systems (Linux, OpenBSD, etc). Hence, I am unable to run mIRC and therefore ATelnet. So please don't ask me anything about ATelnet anymore, I am unable and unwilling to tinker with it now.

However, there's no reason why it wouldn't be as useful now as it was back when I made it, for those that are able to use it - just don't swith to a new, bloated and incompatible, version of mIRC... Thanks to all ATelnet users and have fun.


Download ATelnet, release 2 (30K zip)
Screenshot of ATelnet on Harshlands

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